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Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) is Florida’s premier non-profit hospitality industry trade association. Founded in 1946 as the Florida Restaurant Association, FRLA merged with the Florida Hotel and Motel Association in 2006. FRLA’s more than 10,000 members include independent hoteliers and restaurateurs, household name franchises, theme parks and suppliers. The association’s mission is to protect, educate and promote Florida’s $111.7 billion hospitality industry which represents 1.4 million employees. Dedicated to safeguarding the needs of the membership, FRLA provides legislative advocacy to ensure the voices of its members are heard and their interests are protected. The association offers regulatory compliance and food safety training through SafeStaff® and FRLA’s subsidiary, RCS Training. The FRLA Educational Foundation provides industry-developed, career-building high school programs throughout the state.

RCS Training

Founded in 1984, RCS Training is a subsidiary of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA), and is Florida’s leader in providing risk management and regulatory compliance training programs to the state’s hospitality industry. Utilizing SafeStaff® and ServSafe® educational training materials, and harnessing the resources of FRLA industry experts and on-staff former top regulators, RCS Training is the largest and most respected firm of its kind in Florida.  RCS Training is your best choice for Responsible Venndor alcohol beverage licensees.

RCS Training also offers professional development training, with a proven approach to staff education that improves performance and increases efficiency and effectiveness. Customized to fit any industry, RCS High Performance Training is conducted from a “manage up” perspective. RCS Training guides participants through a process of setting attainable goals, identifying steps to reach those goals, recognizing behaviors that hinder progress, and overcomimg fears that cause failure. RCS High Performance Training is available throughout the United States as well as internationally.


Human Resource laws are complex and ever-changing, making it difficult for businesses to keep up. We should know, human resources is our business. HR On Demand provides employers with access to senior-level HR experts and support without the high cost of employing a senior-level HR professional or calling an attorney with every employment law compliance question. 

Does your business employ tipped employees? This makes you especially vulnerable to FLSA Plaintiff lawsuits and Department of Labor investigations. We’re here to help. Our FLSA audit services help keep you compliant, particularly where it comes to service charges and the FLSA Section 7i overtime exemption.


Pearl Business Group provides outsourced COO, CFO, Sales, Marketing and Strategic services specializing in the restaurant industry.  We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help your company or organization reach its potential.  Principals are Former Restaurant Owner, CEO, CFO & CAO David A. Pearl, Managing Partner and Donald A. Harris, Partner. Our goal is to help your organization achieve its objectives as we work with our clients to customize our services to best meet your needs.


Nu-Safe offers a full range of services for all of your floor safety needs. We offer proven floor treatment methods that raise slip resistance along with effective training of client in-house or outsourced staff. Our staff of certified Nu-Safe Floor Safety Technicians provide superior service and knowledge of floor surfaces. Each job is tested after completion to ensure the project is left with COF results from the BOT 3000E Tribometer according to ANSI standards. We also offer auditing of existing floors as well as testing tiles before they are installed to ensure they meet the needs of the property.


DigiPro Media builds web solutions that showcase your business, are easy to maintain and are accessible to anyone. Through our focus on ADA web accessibility, communication, responsive customer service, client education, accurate project management, product quality, and an ethical approach to business, we have an exceptional track record of performing work on budget and on deadline.  DigiPro Media’s commitment to quality is present from initial concept through post-implementation support and maintenance.
Custom Accessible Websites  |  Merchant processing  |  Mobile apps  |  Social Media Marketing   Member directories  |  API data integration   3-D modeling  |  Enterprise development


Fobesoft is an innovative easy to use web-based program focused on keeping restaurant owners and managers informed on daily revenue, labor, and expenditures by providing a custom P&L on demand.  Fobesoft also provides each customer with a profitable custom budget based on industry standards built by seasoned professionals to operate by.  
Knowing where you restaurant stands on a daily or weekly basis keeps you in control and making the right decisions for your business in real-time.

Johnson Jackson PLLC provides clear and practical answers to employers about the problems that can arise in any employer-employee relationship. The firm also defends employers against unjustified demands and meritless lawsuits brought by employees. Kevin Johnson, Erin Jackson, and their partners advise and represent employers throughout Florida and the nation. They have deep knowledge of the hospitality industry and its unique concerns. Johnson Jackson helps its clients with everything from providing training and general advice to litigating and trying cases, always with an eye toward providing trusted advice and a strategic defense.

Transform the way you manage your most important asset –  Your People.

Unify Employee provides a comprehensive and integrated HR, Time & Labor Management, Payroll Processing, and Benefits solution – all of your mission-critical data in one system with a single data entry point. Boost your efficiency, accuracy, and productivity with Unify: From HR Reporting and Compliance, to controlling your Payroll Process, to ACA Tracking & Management of your Company Benefits… All of your Employee Management needs – housed in one UNIFIED solution.